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Name: ACM Wind Chime 5...6....7.... Rods Small

Code: P-184

Price: 160.00

Price: $ 3.00

Description —

Wind chimes are an excellent source of enhancing good luck in the house. The number of rods in a wind chime and the material by which a wind chime is made are important. You are not supposed to hang wind chimes, anywhere and everywhere, in a home. Their location is extremely important. The best place to hang a six-rod wind chime is in the northwest corner of your living room, since the governing element of this corner is metal and wind chimes are the symbol of metal. They are used to enhance good luck and also to reduce bad luck. If you want to reflect a poison arrow, you should use a five-rod wind chime and it also suppresses bad luck. A seven-rod wind chime can be hung in the west zone of your house.