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Name: ACM Car Pyramid - Car Protect

Code: P-191

Price: 110.00

Price: $ 2.50

Description —

Mystic Benefits : The positive energy of Pyramid- Car Protect makes your neuro-body control better. Pyramid power helps to take clear decision at crucial moments and balance your mind. Protects from evil energy of place, time and environment. Improves awareness level, concentration and reflex action. Easy to Use : Fix on your dash board of your car with an adhesive tape provided. Your personal program acts better due to Pyramid Yantra and Gold pyramid chip in the center. For optimum results; close your eye, repeat your wish before starting your vehicle. Secret Features : Added power 8 copper and 1 gold pyramid chips Accepted worldwide. Four direction interacting copper triangles on the top. Can also be used in other vehicles like truck, bus, auto and taxi.