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Name: ACM Pyramid Vaastu Sleep Yantra

Code: P-268

Price: 190.00

Price: $ 4.00

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 While you are at sleep your conscious mind is at rest. But let your sub-conscious mind help you to manifest peak performance. We must start with the most personal objects first. What could be more personal than a bed? As we spend one-third of our life span on it. So we need to energize our bed first and make it a powerful yantra! Just place the Pyramid vaastu Sleep Under the mattress. By using this Pyramidvaastu Sleep yantra, you will surprisingly find that though you sleep comparatively for lesser time, you will feel more relaxed, more fresh and more energetic. With Pyramidvaastu Sleep Yantra you have a cozy way to get rid of sleep problems & new success in health, business and relationship will be gained.