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Name: ACM Education Pyramid

Code: P-362

Price: 450.00

Price: $ 9.00

Description —

Ever since the pyramid was discovered as a source of mystical energy, it has been experimented for making dreams come true. Let us enter in an experience that is completely new and amazing. Here you can get a concept of living more fruitfully. Education Pyramid creates motivating force at the core level of the brain. It establishes a link between body, mind and subconscious mind. This link helps you learn, understand, remember recall better when required. It is recommended for all students especially at the time of exams.

Secret features Special three level pyramid Yantra that creates harmony by connecting the brain, mind and subconscious mind to give you excellent results.

Pre-Programmed universal numerical copper to generate a nine planet energy to support the mind, body and spirit link.

Saraswati Yantra to please the deity of education.

Total 243 copper Yantra at the base. 16 copper Yantra for collecting energy from all the direction.