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Name: ACM Pyramid Vaastu Angle Set of 4 Wish Angle

Code: P-407

Price: 560.00

Price: $ 11.00

Description —

New ACM Pyramid Angle- Pyramid Angle, virtual right angle creation and arrow for virtual shifting. A special pyramid instrument to correct and safe-guard the corners of each room.

Unique features added to Pyramid Angle for optimum results; It is powered with copper base plate and a center programmed plate. Also new corner power triangles are added for more benefit. 

How to use:- Just fix all 4 Pyramid Angle in a room near the corner (on the ceiling) to safe guard. You can use the brass screws or double-side foam tape to fix it. To add more power you are supposed to do Personal Energy or Reiki before installing.

Energize your personal seating space- You need to protect and energize your personal working space if you are not able to correct the vaastu of surrounding. Fix all 4 Pyramid Angle on the ceiling protecting your space and making it virtually good. For success may room corner with 90o -

If all four walls of the room are perfect right angle with each other the room is 100% perfect according to vaastu. But if not, do not worry, now you can make your rooms 90 degree good by fixing all 4 Pyramid Angle on the ceiling near the corner.
So just explore a new dimension to better vaastu solution with this new pyramid tool!