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Name: ACM Sujok Electro Probe

Code: E-290

Price: 1100.00

Price: $ 11.00

Description —

 The Sujok Acu Probe Acupressure Electro Stimulator with Acu Point detector has a unique facility to locate the perfect position of a point as per meridian theory. It also has been designed for clinical use, which transmits pulsating currents of different frequencies through the electrodes (not included) to human body. Jet Sujok Probe with its internal Battery (6F22) is especially suitable for operation in places where AC current is not available. 

Jet Acu Probe is mainly used to detect the perfect position of the point with therapeutic effect in the treatment of pain, paralysis of limbs, arthritis, vomiting and the disease that can be treated by acupressure